Computer and IT Services

"What just happened to my computer?"

why me?

over 20 years In
& Support

From the day I booted up my first Windows 3.1 machine to my current Mac Pro system, I have been involved in solving computer software & hardware problems for friends, family, employers and clients. 

Annoyances & exasperations
What I do

Offering a Variety
of Computer Services

Software Errors

Email won't work? Weird beeping noises? Classic "Blue Screen of Death" problem? Ugh.

Hardware & Software Upgrades

(to help keep all your computer problems to a minimum)

Backup Strategies

Because the time to backup and secure your system is before your hardware fails. (and it's when it fails, not if )

Personal & Pleasant Phone Support

You may be amazed at what can be done over the internet these days...


What they say ...

"I gladly and highly recommend Jim for whatever your technology needs might be. You will be served extremely well by a guy who cares, who knows his craft, and who will always be available for help and advice."

Dr. David Jordan

First Baptist Church of Decatur
"Jim possesses the ultimate “can do” attitude - He is a professional and dedicated."

Richard R. Landers

Vice President of Administration
10 +
years experience

Simple. Effective.
And 100% guaranteed.

My promise to you?

“Fixed or Free”.

As simple as that!

Phone Support


On Site Support



Get help quickly!

Please send me the following form, and we can schedule a no obligation call time to discuss your needs!

Truthfully, I probably hate SPAM way more than you do! Be assured that your information will never be given out to anyone else, for any reason. Never. Ever. Nope. Not Happening.

Who I am
Jim Tucker
AKA “The Computer Whisperer”

Over 20+ years experience with computers and computer software. If you have ever dealt with the “other” tech supports, know that “Re-load your operating system” is my last resort, NOT my first.

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